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Abrasive Wheel Cut Off Machine


Description : Vertical Chipping with downward clamping, Variable Operation Parameters, Pneumatic Hammer
Maximum Mould Size : The parameters of the largest mould that can be processed are 700mm High x 400mm Wide x 400mm Deep
Minimum Mould Size : The parameters of the Smallest mould that can be processed are 200mm High x 150mm Wide x 150mm Deep
Maximum Mould Weight : The maximum weight that the machine can take on table of the machine for a single mould is 100 kgs
Operational Noise at 1 Mtr. : No more to 120dBa
Machine Cabinet : Dual skin construction with sound deadening materials observation windows to be Double Thickness Double Glazed
Mould Loading Height : 780mm
Automatic Sequence : Load Mould, Door Close, Push Start Button, Knockout Vibro Hammer Engages with Mould, Hammer Sequence Starts, Hammer Sequence Stops, Open Door.
Clamp System for Hammer : Pneumatic Ram
Clamp Cylinder Stroke : 500mm
Maximum Clamp Force : 200 kg
Hammer Type : Pneumatic Hammer
Number Of Hammers : 1
Hammer Frequency : 1000 BPM with Adjustable Force Control
Hammer Frequency Adjustment : Adjustable Via Pneumatic Valve
Dust Extraction : Included
Pneumatic System Pressure : 7 bar
Electric Load : 1 kva, 13 amps, 380 volts 3 phase 50 hz with neutral and ground.
Pneumatic Requirement : 46 CFM